May 2016

Wander is the title of my current series of work. While creating these images, I did a lot of wandering, physically and mentally.
     My photography is a mix between portraiture, fashion, and fantasy. Nature has been the inspiration for my art for as long as I can remember. Something about the artistic combination of human and fauna has always spoken to me. My work is about exploration, imagination, and finding beauty in the most unexpected places. My images are dramatic and cinematic; whimsical, verging on fairytale-like, often with colored smoke and girls in elegant dresses. I use these to emphasize the fantasy element of my work. I am not depicting real people in their everyday environment. My work is pure fiction; fabricated scenes and stories; my imagination coming to life in a tangible form.
     To wander is to roam, to be aimless in your journey. A lot of life feels like wandering, being unsure of where you are going next. Through my art, I show that wandering can lead to unexpected and beautiful results.

Artist’s Biography

Sarah E. Conway was born in Montgomery County, Maryland. She has been creating art since she could talk, and has since experimented with almost any media she could get her hands on. Currently, Sarah is a portrait, fashion, and fine art photographer. She will be receiving her Bachelors of Fine Art with a concentration in photography and computer imagery in May 2016 from Shepherd University. She has had work selected by a juror for both the 2014 and 2015 Shepherd University Honors Shows; the first of which she won 1st place in the photography category. In March 2016 she had two images selected to be published in Shepherd University’s 40th Volume of the Sans Merci creative journal, one of which was awarded Best Art. Most recently she collaborated with over twenty other art students from Shepherd to put a group exhibition for their senior Capstone project, the first show of its kind Shepherd has seen from its students.
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