Visual Media and Image Galleries

September 2014

The Sparks Journal can accommodate the presentation of visual media utilizing image galleries. Click on any of the image thumbnails to open the gallery. In modern browsers the gallery will open full windowed.

General Guidelines for Images Galleries

Each image submitted for publication in gallery format should be accompanied by a title and a caption. Images must have a horizontal resolution of at least 720px but no greater than 1920px. All images submitted for gallery presentation must be encoded using the JPG or the PNG file format. Full color images are usually encoded better using the JPG format which monochromatic or posterized images are usually best encoded using the PNG format. Gallery presentation is usually more fluid and visually appealing if all images have the same horizontal and vertical pixel counts. Authors should target a file size of about 0.44 KB per thousand pixels. For a 720px by 540px image, this is a file size of about 170 KB.

Additional Details

In addition to images, image titles, and image captions, authors may submit a narrative explaining the significance of their gallery.

     All images must be submitted in a zipped archive and all accompanying text must be submitted in a Microsoft Word document or some other editable format. A PDF version of each published work will be created and linked to for download as demonstrated below.