Videos and Films

Videos and Films

September 2014

The Sparks Journal can accommodate the presentation of videos and films as demonstrated below.

General Guidelines for Video Submissions

To ensure that video files have the maximum compatibility across devices and platforms, all videos will be hosted on the Sparks Journal YouTube channel. Videos should be encoded using the h.264 compression format within a .mp4 or .m4v container. Although hosted on YouTube, videos will be embedded within the Spark Journal. Below is an example featuring Library of Congress footage from the 1913-1914 Roosevelt-Rondon Scientific Expedition of the River of Doubt in the Amazon River basin of Brazil. After the expedition the river was renamed Rio Roosevelt in honor of the former US president.

Notes on Copyrights and Supplemental Materials

Multimedia content that is not the original work of the submitting author will not be published unless the author has explicit permission to do so or the work is in the public domain. Submission of transcripts for videos with difficult to understand spoken language is encouraged.

The video posted above was sourced from the Library of Congress.