Torment of a Saint

June 2018

My work is a reflection of myself; physically and mentally it depicts who I am as an individual. In this series, Torment of a Saint, I use myself as the subject so that I can relate my pain and struggles with something more holy than me, a Saint. Martyr Saints are typically seen in religious art with beautifully embellished clothing and in perfect condition, generally lacking the gruesome wounds they had endured. The Saints in my pictures contain the blood and torture that they encountered from individuals who were opposed to their faith. I show these Saints pitched against a dark black background which helps give off a sense of aloneness, and makes them seem more vulnerable, less godly, and more like me. The contrast I use in my photographs is inspired by painter Caravaggio and his concept called chiaroscuro, where light battles shadow. My images unveil the idea of these pure, impeccable beings, and shows Saints in a more realistically flawed, humanistic form. These holy individuals suffered through horrible tribulations but stood by their beliefs till the very end. By becoming these Saints, it helped me connect their pain to mine. Pain is something we can all understand and I believe it is something beautiful that makes us intrinsically human.

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