Inmersión Magazine

March 2015

The most comprehensive understanding of a foreign language results from physical immersion into the culture and linguistics of that language. However, due to monetary constraints, this approach can be difficult for college students. The seasonal Inmersión Magazine seeks to connect college students to the Spanish language by providing information on different Spanish cultures’ customs and holidays, listing study abroad opportunities, providing tips on how to achieve a low-cost study abroad experience, and publishing essays, poetry, photographs, and artwork from students who have had study abroad experiences. As a Capstone project, one issue of Inmersión Magazine and promotional materials for the magazine were designed, with the desired outcome of connecting college students who are studying the Spanish language to various immersion opportunities. A digital version of the magazine was also pursued in order to better connect with the audience—college students from the ages of 18-24 who are majoring or minoring in Spanish and seeking to further their comprehension of the Spanish language. The design of the brand identity for Inmersión Magazine and the layout of the magazine encourages these students to further pursue their understanding of Spanish through immersion opportunities, and the use of short bodies of text and plenty of images provides the magazine experience such students desire. The opportunity to receive a “Welcome Package” upon subscribing further encourages readership, as the student receives a custom poster and discount card in the mail along with their first issue of the magazine. Through the launch of Inmersión Magazine, students across the United States of America will be provided with a new medium from which they can acquire information about study abroad opportunities in Spanish-speaking countries.

Concept Art and First Issue

Click on the thumbnails below to view concept art for Inmersión Magazine. A link to a complete PDF version of the above abstract and the first issue is also provided.

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