May 2017

Majesty is a photographic examination of types of women who are unconventional in appearance or who have characteristics that are underrepresented in the media. The subjects were specifically chosen, keeping in mind their physicality contrasting the societal ideal of conventional beauty. With Majesty, I show particular emphasis on underrepresented skin color, gender expression, and gender identity, while also showing women with piercings and tattoos.

Artist’s Statement

     As someone who does not fit the standard Western ideal of female beauty, it is extremely easy to feel overlooked, forgotten, and unimportant in the eyes of society. While photographing this series, I kept in mind aspects of classical portraiture paintings, such as those from the Renaissance or the Rococo eras. The subjects of such paintings held a certain stature and importance, which deemed them worthy and necessary to be painted. By photographing these women in dim lighting and poses that are reminiscent of classical portraiture paintings, I give them the importance they may be missing from society.

     Each portrait is larger than life, at 24” by 36”, and framed in bright, golden frames. The frames are reflective of the gold leaf used in classical paintings while also further emphasizing the majestic quality of the women.

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