Counter Currents

May 2017

This series of large-scale paintings features endangered shark species and create an environment that provokes a sense of power and helplessness. The paintings have transparent qualities and are hung from the ceiling to create an installation. This gives the art a sculptural quality, allowing viewers to see all sides of the paintings.

Artist’s Statement

     I present endangered shark species as symbols of power but also as fragile and helpless creatures. Through the life size representation of the animals, the paintings emote thoughts of power and confrontation. This is contrasted by the murkiness and gruesome forms that surround the figures. My work creates a balance of expressive, nonfigurative forms with the sleek, slender bodies of the figures of the fish. This installation presents work that has functions of both sculpture and painting by encouraging the viewer to walk around the painting and view it from all angles. The paint is watered down and applied sporadically, letting the force of gravity naturally spread the water in uncontrolled directions, forming organic and fluid shapes. This alludes to flowing and swishing motions that seem to be the result of thrashing bodies and struggle.

Artist’s Biography

     Andrea Siles is an illustrator and painter from Fairfax, Virginia. She is currently working to receive a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Painting and Drawing from Shepherd University, WV. She expects to graduate in 2017. She has had her work featured in Shepherd University’s Sans Merci Literary Magazine. She has also exhibited in Shepherdstown and Hagerstown, including the Town Run Brewery, Phaze II Gallery, and Engine Room Art Space. She also worked for private clients, creating illustrations for books and painting large scale murals. After graduation, Andrea plans to pursue a masters degree in illustration.

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